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Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dr Shukru Esmene

Dr Shukru Esmene

Research Fellow

 Peter Lanyon 


Peter Lanyon Building, University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Treliever Road, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9FE, UK


I am a Research Fellow working in the University of Exeter's Social Innovation Group (SIG). I use qualitative methods to explore how existing academic research can be adapted for implementation in specific places and communities. The approaches I use focus on building a detailed understanding of contextual influences. These include political, cultural and socio-economic factors. My previous research has involved working with voluntary sector organisations, primary healthcare providers, small-medium sized enterprises, non-governmental organisations and local / national government bodies.


2016 - PhD - University of Exeter Medical School

2011 - MSc Environment, Science and Society - Geography, University College London (UCL)

2008 - BSc Environmental Geoscience, Earth Sciences, Univesity College London (UCL)


2023 - AHRC Knowledge Exchange Fellow and ESRC Impact Accelerator Research Fellow

2020 - 2023 Research Fellow (Interreg 2Seas Project: Healthy Ageing through Innovation in Rural Europe) - Geography, Univesity of Exeter, Penryn Campus

2019 - Research Fellow - Beacon Project Evaluation - University of Exeter Medical School, Truro Campus

2017- 2019 - Research Associate - Various projects, University of Exeter Medical School (Truro) and Geography, University of Exeter (Penryn)

2014 - 2017 - Research Associate - Musculoskeletal Health in the Workplace, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust (Truro)

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Research projects

Interreg 2seas: Healthy Ageing through Innovation Rural Europe (HAIRE):

HAIRE's Legacy:

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Journal articles

Esmene S, Leyshon M, Leyshon C (2024). Ethnic Minority Inclusion in Well-Being Research: Beyond Widening Participation. International Journal of Community Well-Being Abstract.
Esmene S, Leyshon M, DeBraal P, DeBruin H, Leyshon C (2024). ‘Where’ is the evidence? a starting point for the development of place-based research reviews and their implications for wellbeing-related policymaking. The Geographical Journal Abstract.
Esmene S, Kirsop-Taylor NA (2021). External Disruptions to Qualitative Data Collection: Addressing Risks Relating to Brexit and Researcher-Participant Rapport. The Qualitative Report, 26(3)
Esmene S, Taylor TJ, Leyshon M (2020). A Systems Thinking Approach to Exploring the Influence of the Media on How Publics Engage with and Develop Dialogues Relating to Electric Vehicles. Frontiers in Communication, 5
Esmene S, Leyshon C, Leyshon M (2020). Beyond adherence to social prescriptions: How places, social acquaintances and stories help walking group members to thrive. HEALTH & PLACE, 64
Esmene S (2020). Colonising public engagement: Revealing the “expert–lay” divisions formed by academia's dominant praxis. Area
Esmene S, Taylor TJ, Leyshon M (2020). Corrigendum: a Systems Thinking Approach to Exploring the Influence of the Media on How Publics Engage with and Develop Dialogues Relating to Electric Vehicles. Frontiers in Communication, 5
Walker T, Esmene S, Colebrooke L, Leyshon C, Leyshon M (2020). Digital possibilities and social mission in the voluntary sector: the case of a community transport organisation in the UK. Voluntary Sector Review, 11(1), 59-77. Abstract.
Esmene S, Leyshon M (2019). The Role of Rural Heterogeneity in Knowledge Mobilisation and Sociotechnical Transitions: Reflections from a Study on Electric Vehicles as an Alternative Technology for Cornwall, UK. European Countryside, 11(4), 661-671. Abstract.
Esmene S, Taylor T, Leyshon M (2016). Knowledge, experience and the circus: academic perspectives on the processes of communicating the environmental and health impacts of electric vehicles. Local Environment, 22(6), 651-666.

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