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Earth and Environmental Sciences


"Studying within the Department of Earth and Environmental Science offers students the breadth and depth of inter-disciplinary education, empowering our graduates to tackle complex problems and become agents of change for a sustainable future."

Ms Aveen Hameed, Dr Jon Bennie and Prof Markus Mueller

Directors of Education and Student Experience

The Department of Earth and Environmental Science is a leader in education in Environmental Sciences, Geography, Geology, Mining and Minerals, Applied Data Science and Marine Science. Our programmes span the physical and social sciences and humanities and immerse students in qualitative and quantitative aspects of environmental and climate change, sustainable development, responsible resource management, and many more current and future challenges and opportunities. Our labs, field courses and digital facilities support a hands-on practical experience for learners, and we provide academic and professional opportunities including external placements with industry, study abroad, and continued professional development.

Postgraduate Taught

Our taught Master programmes capture the academic expertise and professionalism in areas fundamental to realising a sustainable future. The breadth and depth of our programmes enable our students to develop the knowledge and skills that are key in the effort to address the pressing social, environmental and technological challenges and opportunities of sustainability, and thus for employers globally.

List of programmes:

Postgraduate Research

We provide training and supervision for research and PhD students on an abundance of Postgraduate Research programmes.

List of programmes:

Degree Apprenticeships

We offer continued professional development and degree apprenticeships in Mining Engineering and Mine Management.

Current students

Detailed information for current students can be found on the Current students webpages. Module descriptors and programme specifications can be found on the Study Information webpages.

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Jasmine, MGeol Geology

Ben, BSc Engineering Geology and Geotechnics

Megan, MSc Surveying and Land/Environmental Management

Carenza, MSc Surveying and Land/Environmental Management

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