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Earth and Environmental Sciences

About us

"Our staff and students are passionate in advocating better and more sustainable use of the Earth’s resources, in understanding and improving the environment and in securing a fairer world.

Sustainability underpins everything we do, whether this is in the drive towards sustainably sourcing the critical minerals required for the digital transformation; in researching the fundamental science of climate change; in climate mitigation and adaptation; in the circular economy/recycling; or in social innovation and behaviour change."

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Professor James Scourse

Head of Department

The Department consists of 55 faculty academic staff working across the full range of the Earth and environmental sciences, with established research and teaching excellence in a number of fields including; Earth observation (remote sensing, drone science); Earth system processes; marine science; Earth history; environmental mathematics and data science; environmental social science; human geography and spatial analysis.

Camborne School of Mines – with a long and distinguished history - is the only combined mining engineering and geology department within the UK University system and offers world-class teaching and research with a large and very strong network of alumni and contacts within the extractive industries. Key areas of CSM excellence include ore deposits and critical materials, environmental and social governance, automation and new technologies, and minerals processing.