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Earth and Environmental Sciences

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Carlo Robiati


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Topic of Research:

Rockfall Hazard analysis within open cast mining environments and natural slopes.

We are testing different remote sensing technologies, coupled with numerical modelling, to investigate the influence of geometrical resolution on the results of rockfall hazard assessment.


  • Professor John Coggan
  • Dr. Matt Eyre

Personal profile:

I am a mining engineer dedicated to the investigation of Earth’s surface processes by using remotely sensed data. Currently, I am a member of the Camborne School of Mines research group as a Ph.D. student, focused on studying the hazards posed by landslides in open pit mines. Over the last 5 years, I have specialised in managing satellite imagery (multispectral and radar) to map potential risks arising from mass wasting phenomena and ground deformation within Geographic Information Systems.

Scientific Interests:

My academic background is primarily in Engineering Geology; my interests span over a range of topics, including: Soil and Rock Mechanics, Slope Stability and Geotechnics. However, my recent research has focused on Remote Sensing, both optical (spectral geology) and radar (InSAR) space-borne applications and close-range drone technology (SfM-MVS). I am currently exploring the Remote Sensing Art field, using social media outlets to exhibit my personal productions, and develop a portfolio of Earth Observation oriented imagery.


Robiati C, Eyre M, Vanneschi C, Francioni M, Venn A, Coggan JS. (2019) Application of Remote Sensing Data for Evaluation of Rockfall Potential within a Quarry Slope, ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, volume 8, pages 1-24, article no. 367, DOI:10.3390/ijgi8090367.

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