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Earth and Environmental Sciences

Photo of Ms Chloe Walker-Trivett

Ms Chloe Walker-Trivett



Areas of research:   I am embedded within the Deep time global change research group at the University of Exeter and jointly funded by the NERC GW4+ DTP and BGS.    For my current PhD research, I am examining oceanographic and biotic changes in Australia during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 (Cretaceous – Cenomanian/Turonian boundary) by:
  • Reconstructing changes in sea surface temperature before, during and after OAE 2 using GDGTs and the TEX86 proxy – looking for overall warming during the period, as well as possible short term cooling events.
  • Examining local oceanic productivity throughout the Cretaceous (with a special focus on OAE 2) using dinoflagellate cist assemblages, considering both oceanic upwelling and nutrient delivery from terrestrial sources.
  • Processing pollen grains and spores to reconstruct terrestrial vegetation changes in the region during OAE 2, and subsequently, changes in the hydrological cycle at this time.
  • Primary Supervisor: Dr Sev Kender (University of Exeter)
  • Co- Supervisor: Dr Kate Littler (University of Exeter)
  • Co-Supervisor: Dr Kara Bogus (University of Exeter)
  • Co-Supervisor: Professor Stephen Hesselbo (University of Exeter)
  • Co-Supervisor: Dr James Riding (British Geological Survey)
  Educational Background:   2011-2015: University of Sheffield, MBiolSci Biology, First class Hons. 
  • Level 4 Project – The affinities of the enigmatic fossil, Pachytheca
  • Level 3 Project – Trait differences in dominant and subordinate zebrafish (Danio rerio)
  • Level 3 Dissertation -  The schizochroal eye – its origin, function and premature demise

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