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Earth and Environmental Sciences

Photo of Dr Simon Dominy

Dr Simon Dominy

Honorary Associate Professor


Dr Simon Dominy is a mining professional whose career has included technical and leadership roles in mine operations, academia and consulting. He is particularly interested in the integration of geology, mining engineering and mineral processing through the development of Orebody Knowledge and the application of geometallurgy. Simon has expertise in the evaluation and exploitation of various gold orebody styles and has developed skills in ore characterisation; design and implementation of bulk sampling/trial mining programmes; evaluation of high-nugget effect/coarse-gold deposits; and narrow vein/highly selective mining methods. His key expertise is across a diverse range of gold mineralisation styles, though also possess experience in Au-Ag; Au-Sb; Cu-Au; Co; Li; Sn-W; Pb-Zn and REE mineralisation.

He has published over 100 conference and journal papers on topics ranging from tin, gold, kaolinite/china clay and REE economic geology; sampling/Theory of Sampling; geometallurgy; resource/reserve estimation; mining geology, incl. grade control and reconciliation; underground narrow vein mining; and mineral processing.

Current research interests: evaluation of high-nugget effect conglomerate gold mineralisation; optimisation of small high-grade deposits with emphasis on evaluation, selective mining approaches, flexible processing options and ore control; charcterisation of gold ores to determine sampling parameters; sampling protocol optimisation/Theory of Sampling; novel sampling optimisation aproaches; geometallurgical characterisation (grade, metallurgical and geoevironmental); and implementation of strategic and tactical geometallurgy.

At CSM, Simon is collaboratng with Professor Hylke Glass on various issues across representative sampling and geometallurgical modelling. He also contributes to MSc teaching and project supervision.

As an industry practitioner, Simon is active in the development and operation of a number of gold projects in Australia, Europe and the Americas. He is Principal Technical Advisor with Novo Resources Corporation (TSX/ASX: NVO); Artemis Resources Ltd (ASX/AIM: ARV); Puma Exploration Inc. (TSX: PUMA) and OCX Gold Group.

In addition, he sits on a number of committees including: PERC Reporting Standard Committee; Geological Society of London Professional and Chartership, and Accreditation Committees; and Applied Earth Sciences Board of the IOM3.

In June 2022, Simon was awarded the Pierre M. Gy Sampling Gold Medal from the IPGSA.

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