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Earth and Environmental Sciences

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Mr Stefan Horn



Research areas

My PhD project is about "Europe's cobalt resource potential for supply to low carbon vehicles". As future projection suggest a fast growing market for electric vehicles the demand for battery raw materials will rise, as well. This includes cobalt, which is primarily produces in the Democratic Republic of Congo at present. Hence, my work will focus on european resources of cobalt to enable security and diversity of supply.

So far, I have published a paper on cobalt-bearing deposits and occurrences in Europe, including an aggregated harmonised resource estimate using the United Nations Framework Classification (UNFC). I am currently working on a study that will identify the bottlenecks of cobalt supply from domestic resources in Europe. Several exploration projects will be analysed and compared based on various factors that may influence the success of exploration. This includes legal barriers for exploration, challenges around managing environmental and social risks and economic feasibility. Moreover, I have collected samples from an old Cu-Zn mine in Norway and will try to identify the cobalt deportment in the ore and in the waste heaps of the mine as a case study of potential cobalt extraction from old mine sites.

My project started in October 2018 and is funded by the NERC GW4+ DTP and I am hosted at the British Geological Survey in Keyworth, Nottingham.

Primary Supervisor: Dr Evi Petavratzi (British Geological Survey)

1st University Supervisor: Prof Frances Wall (University of Exeter)

2nd University Supervisor: Prof Hylke Glass (University of Exeter)

Co-Supervisor:  Mr Gus Gunn (British Geological Survey)

Co-Supervisor:  Mr Richard Shaw  (British Geological Survey)

Co-Supervisor:  Mr Jonathan Naden  (British Geological Survey)

Educational Background

11/2015-06/2018               Research and teaching assistant at the Institute of Applied                                                Mineralogy and Economic Geology, RWTH Aachen University

10/2013-07/2017               MSc Georesources Management, RWTH Aachen University

  • Master thesis: "Petrography, mineral chemistry and trace element analysis of the massive Pb-Zn deposit “Black Angel Mine” at Maarmorilik, West Greenland"

01/2015-04/2015               Exchange term at University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

10/2010 - 09/2013             BSc Georesources management, RWTH Aachen University

  • Bachelor thesis: "Origin of amber in Miocene lignites of the Lower Rhine Basin: A geochemical study"

Horn S, Gunn A, Petavratzi E, Shaw R, Eilu P, Törmänen T, Bjerkgård T, Sandstad J, Jonsson E, Kountourelis S (2021) Cobalt resources in Europe and the potential for new discoveries. Ore Geololgy Reviews 130:103915.

Horn S, Dziggel A, Kolb J, Sindern S (2018) Textural characteristics and trace element distribution in carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb-Ag ores at the Paleoproterozoic Black Angel deposit, central West Greenland. Mineralium Deposita

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  • Horn S. (2023) Europe's cobalt resource potential for supply to low carbon vehicles.

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