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Earth and Environmental Sciences

Photo of Dr Violeta Ramos

Dr Violeta Ramos

Research Fellow



I am a geologist specialized in geomaterials characterization, namely in cementitious materials. My main research intererests focus on concrete mineralogy, the interaction of this material with the marine environment and also the deleterious reactions that can affect concrete.

I am also interested in mineralogical studies related to mineral processing.

  • 2015-2019 - Research Fellow, Institute of Earth Sciences, Pole Porto, Portugal 
  • 2014-2015 - Posdoc trainee, Université Laval, Quebec, Canada
  • PhD, University of Porto, Portugal - Geological Resources and Geomaterials
  • Bsc, University of Porto, Portugal - Geology and Geological Resources

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  • Sousa R, Ramos V, Guedes A, Noronha F, Leite MM. (2019) Flotation of lithium ores to obtain high-grade Li2O concentrates. Are there any mineralogical imitations?, International Journal of Mining, Materials, and Metallurgical Engineering, DOI:10.11159/ijmmme.2019.002. [PDF]
  • Zhang R, Ramos V, Leal S, Noronha F, Pinto F. (2019) U-Pb geochronology of cassiterites from primary Sn mineralizations in Sn-W Variscan Metallogenic Province, Portugal, LIFE WITH ORE DEPOSITS ON EARTH, PROCEEDINGS OF THE 15TH SGA BIENNIAL MEETING, 2019, VOLS 1-4, pages 357-360. [PDF]






  • Fernandes I, Ramos V, Noronha F, Santos Silva A, Carlos Nunes J, Medeiros S. (2014) Identification of alkali-reactive aggregates: Some examples, Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers: Construction Materials, volume 167, no. 6, pages 302-311, DOI:10.1680/coma.13.00033.
  • Ramos V, Fernandes I, Noronha F, Silva AS. (2014) Alkali reactivity of Portuguese granitic aggregates. Petrographic characterization vs expansion tests, Comunicacoes Geologicas, volume 101, no. Special Issue 3, pages 1155-1159.

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Further information


My primary research focuses on evaluating how concrete changes in response to immersion and bio-colonisation, and how these changes influence the durability, strength and failure mechanisms of the material with the aim to enhance and protect coastal and transitional water ecosystems in cross-border Channel regions.

Current Projects

EU INTERREG project “MARINEFF” exploring novel eco-friendly concrete materials for marine construction (led by ESITC Caen)

The Marineff project aims at carrying out new biomimetic marine infrastructures, such as dikes, quays, piers, groynes and moorings) to improve the ecological status and transitional Channel water, as well to involve professionals and stakeholders in the project. Improvements in the ecological status of water will be measured by an improvement of at least 15% to the initial state (before the deployment of the biomimetic infrastructure).

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