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Earth and Environmental Sciences

Photo of Prof Gregor Borg

Prof Gregor Borg

Honorary Professor


Gregor Borg holds a double-affiliation as Full Professor of Economic Geology and Petrology at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany and Honorary Professor at the Camborne School of Mines, Exeter University, Cornwall.

Gregor has over 40 years of experience in academic research and industrial exploration of ore deposits of base, precious, and battery metals. Gregor Borg has published over 100 peer review papers in various international journals. As one if his specialities he studies methods to fingerprint metals and metallic ores, both for geoarchaeological and industrial applications.

Gregor Borg also consults to the exploration, mining, and mineral processing industry and is deputy chairman on the supervisory board of the publicly listed company Deutsche Rohstoff AG. Recently, Gregor has joined the newly founded Institute for Technology and Economics of Lithium, Halle, Germany, in the field of primary and secondary lithium resources and recycling.   

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