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Mr Thomas Gibson


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Research Interests:

I am a PhD (Geology) student, and member of the Deep Time Global Change research group, the Early Jurassic Earth System and Timescale (JET) project, and the 2018 cohort of the NERC Oil and Gas Centre for Doctoral Training.

My primary area of research is on Lower Jurassic hyperthermal events, particularly the causes of the Early Toarcian oceanic anoxic event (T-OAE), and its expression on the Norwegian continental shelf. With this research I aim to reconstruct palaeoenvironmental variations in the poorly studied high latitudes by integrating palynological and chemostratigraphic methods; and to understand the role of large igenous province volcanism as a potential driver of the event.

I have also previously conducted research on the Late Devonian mass extinctions of Brachiopods in the type area of SW England, and maintain an active interest in the topic, most recently presenting on the subject at the Ussher Society conference, 2019.


Primary Supervisor: Dr Sev Kender (University of Exeter)

Co-Supervisor: Prof. Steve Hesselbo (University of Exeter)

Co-Supervisor: Dr Erik Anthonissen (Equinor)

Co-Supervisor: Dr Kate Littler (University of Exeter)

Educational Background

2014 - 2018 | University of Plymouth | MGeol | First Class Hons

  • Masters thesis on Late Devonian Extinctions of Brachiopods in SW England with Dr Kevin Page.
  • Modules completed include Advanced Sedimentology and Palaeontology, GIS, Geochemical case study of the PETM.
  • British Geophysical Association Prize recipient

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  • Gibson T. (2023) Appendix 7 - ITRAX XRF data from the Prees Member of Prees 2.
  • Gibson TA, Gibson T. (2023) A Biostratigraphic and Geochemical Investigation of Early Jurassic Hyperthermal Events (PhD Thesis).

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