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Earth and Environmental Sciences

Understanding Dynamic Earth Systems

As a dynamic system shaped by climate, volcanoes, economic, social and political forces – understanding the Earth’s system requires diverse approaches and expertise. We do work that conceptualises and monitors environmental baselines – in the present and in the past.

Our research

The Earth is a dynamic system shaped by climate, geologic, economic, social and political forces. It is therefore crucial to use diverse approaches and expertise to understand this natural dynamism and the impacts it has on society. In the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences our work answers fundamental questions about environmental processes, Earth systems, and natural hazards. We help provide essential baselines from which to track environmental change or evidence the impacts of social change. Our work tries to uncover how processes operate and establish their likely impacts on environments, socio-political systems and landscapes, and we consider both human and non-human actors in our approaches.

Research groups

Our work within this theme is heavily linked to the work conducted by several department and university wide research groups.