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Earth and Environmental Sciences

Reconstructing Earth Histories

In order to confront upcoming challenges, it is imperative that we comprehend our past. The Earth boasts an extensive and intricate history encompassing geology, climate, and the evolution of life.

Our research

To be able to respond to future challenges, we need to know where we have come from.  The Earth has a long and complex geological, climate and life history. Our work tackles the past from various standpoints, understanding the relationship between climate and greenhouse gases, querying landscape evolution, the history of ice sheets and oceans, and how humans have imprinted themselves on the physical and cultural attributes of landscapes and seascapes. In pursuit of this knowledge, we use a broad array of tools and approaches. Earth science and mathematics colleagues use geochemical and paleontological techniques, combined with sophisticated computer models to interrogate and interpret data. Amongst cultural human geography fields we engage qualitative epistemologies from focus group work with local communities to ethnographic approaches. Our physical geographers employ field monitoring and observation approaches, combined with remote sensing workflows.

Research groups

Our work within this theme is heavily linked to the work conducted by several department and university wide research groups.