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Earth and Environmental Sciences

Responding to Environmental Change

Climate and environmental changes pose diverse challenges that societies need to confront. Both international and national environmental policies are steering society towards futures characterized by 'net zero' and 'nature positive' goals.

Our research

Climate and environmental change results in various challenges that societies must face.  Environmental policies at international and national levels are driving society towards ‘net zero’ and ‘nature positive’ futures. This will necessitate shifts in the way we manage ecosystems, and will drive new resource needs, also resulting in changes to economic markets. Reversing trajectories of environmental degradation demands innovative research and action at the nexus of science, technology and society. Within the Department of Earth and Environmental sciences we are tackling this nexus challenge from various standpoints – considering for example, community engagement in ecological restoration and rewilding, and building new datasets that allow natural capital assets to be properly inventoried and evaluated.

Research within this theme is heavily affiliated with the Environment and Sustainability Institute.

Research groups

Our work within this theme is heavily linked to the work conducted by several department and university wide research groups.